About The Armory

About The Armory

The Armory is a free, after-school program at Carlsbad High School, open to all CHS students. We are open Monday-Friday, from after school until 6:00 pm every day in the CHS Library. We offer students tools for life: academic support and tutoring, leadership experiences, and community service opportunities.

Tutoring: Trusted tutors guide students in subjects from chemistry to English and everything in between on a daily basis.

Community Service: Trips include the Rancho Coastal Humane Society and Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Home.

Mentoring: Spend time with our trustworthy and knowledgeable staff who are great with homework or hanging out.

Cultivating Wellness Workshop Series: Various workshops include topics like stress management and healthy eating.

Youth of the Year Competition: Compete to earn valuable life experience, as well as a nice college scholarship.

Come to the Library, have a snack, hang out with friends, do homework, and participate in YOUR Club!


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Liz Hopley, Teen Director

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