At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad, we welcome your comments, concerns, and questions. Please feel free to contact any of us as the need arises!
Administration - 760.729.0207
Brad Holland, CEO
Sandy Grugel, Finance Director
Joy Kean, Director of HR
760.444.4894 ~

Pat Maldi, Events and Communications
760.444.4893 ~

Charlotte Ring, Administrative Coordinator
760-585-9073 ~


Nigel Cabral, Athletic Director
760.585.9075 ~
Ricky Martinez, Athletic Coordinator
760.585.9076 ~
Village Clubhouse - 760.729.0956
Evan Perkins, Director of Clubhouse Operations
Abby Snyder, Associate Clubhouse Director

Nick Minnix, Program Coordinator

Liz Hopley, Teen Director

Lori Raleigh, Membership Coordinator

Rachel Robinson, Membership Assistant
David Silva, Aquatics Director
760.585.9074 ~
Curtis Nieder, Transportation and Facilities Coordinator
Bressi Ranch Clubhouse ~ 760.683.5106
Evan Perkins, Director of Clubhouse Operations

Nicole Mosher, Associate Clubhouse Director

Jessica Leon, Program Coordinator
760.683.5106 ~

Rae Henderson, Membership Director

Allison Singer, Membership Assistant

Katie Skarwecki, Teen Director

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