Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2017 registration begins Saturday, March 4th
7am to 1pm at our clubhouse, located at 2730 Bressi Ranch Way

To download the registration packet (1 for each child), click here. 
For the administration of medication form, click here.
For the scholarship application, click here.
For FAQs, click here.
For teen camp (6th grade and up) flyer (including pricing information) and calendar, click here.
For kids camp (1st-5th grade) flyer (including pricing information) and calendar, click here.
How to enroll in Summer Camp:
1. Take a look at our Camp Flyers and FAQ sheet, (links available at the top of this page), for information about our 2017 camps.

2. NEW THIS YEAR! Line up at the door of the gym at our clubhouse on Saturday morning. At 6:30am, our staff will go down the line and give everyone a sign-up sheet with a priority number – the first kid in line will be #1, then the second will be #2, and so on. Our staff will be available to answer questions as you wait in line. They will also be checking to make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork filled out and ready, so please be sure to print out the forms or pick them up from the front desk beforehand. We will open the doors and begin registration at 7am.

3. Download the paperwork (links at the top of this page) and fill it out ahead of time (1 for each child). Hard copies are also available at the front desk before and day of registration. In order for the registration process to go as quickly as possible, please have these forms completed before registration. 
· REQUIRED: Membership Registration Packet (for both new and returning members)
o Administration of Medication (for any medication, including epipens, that your child may need to take during camp hours)
o Scholarship Application (income-based scholarships are available)
· *If you plan to apply or re-apply for a scholarship, you must turn in your application and supporting documents prior to registration in order to receive discounted deposit fees.  

4. Last step: Tell all your friends! Share our link on social media and spread the word. See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions : Summer Camp 2017
What is the check-in procedure for camp days?
Every child must be checked in at the front desk with their parent. Then they will drop their backpack/belongings in a cubby and head to their assigned program space. Each morning from 7-9 AM the kids are assigned grade-specific rooms for open recreation. The room assignments will be posted in the lobby every morning. Kids and teens going on field trips will first check in at the dance room for their wristband, group number, and a camp T-shirt check. Please make sure your child is wearing their camp shirt (orange for kids, green for teens) on each day they are scheduled to go on a field trip.
What does a typical camp day at the clubhouse look like?
From 7-9 AM, members participate in open recreation in grade-specific rooms. At 9 members are split up into age groups and begin rotations. Groups move from room to room for (roughly) 1 hour sessions. The staff have planned activities based on the week’s theme for each room, which range from athletic activities to art projects and everything in between! 
When field trips are scheduled to leave, all field trip members are gathered out on the field to line up in their groups and load onto the buses. 
Snack is scheduled between 9 and 10 AM, then grade specific rotations will resume. Lunch is scheduled between 11 AM - 12:30 PM. At 12:30 grade specific rotations around the club will resume for the kids, and the teens will participate in activities within the teen camp program. Afternoon snack is scheduled around 2 -3 PM.
For the elementary age kids, an all-club meeting happens at 5 PM, and/or when the field trip kids return and are integrated into the age groups. Open recreation happens again from 5-6 PM. 
What is the sunscreen policy for outdoor field trips?
We encourage all kids to put sunscreen on before coming to the clubhouse. Please send your child with their own bottle to use throughout the day as well. The clubhouse has some sunscreen on hand if forgotten. The staff will ensure that the children thoroughly apply sunscreen several times during the field trips. If your child is allergic to sunscreen, they absolutely must bring their own bottle.
Does the clubhouse provide snack and lunch?
No. Every child must provide their own snacks and lunches. Please pack 2 snacks and a large lunch.  
Can my child wear open toe shoes (for example, sandals)?
No. Opened toe shoes are not allowed in the clubhouse. Sandals can only be worn during waterpark or beach field trips. Please provide a second set of closed toe shoes for when they return from the field trips.
How do I sign my child up for the Village Pool field trip?
Each Thursday, a completely free and optional field trip to the Boys and Girls Club in Carlsbad Village pool is available. Any member may sign up to participate – they do not need to be attending the other field trips in the week in order to take part. The sign-up sheet will be at the front desk every Monday. We have 40 spaces for the Village pool field trip and it is first come first served. Please provide a bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes for your child.
What are the drop off/ pick up times for the field trips?
The field trip drop off times vary each day. We will provide these times a week in advance in our weekly emails, as well as post them in the clubhouse lobby and provide flyers at the front desk. Refunds are not given if a trip is missed due to tardiness.
Can I pick up/drop off my child at the field trip location?
No, the child must depart and return with us on the bus. There are absolutely no exceptions. 
What is the staff to child ratio?
1 staff to every 10 members on field trips, and 1 to 20 in the clubhouse.
Can my child sign themself out of the clubhouse?
Your child must be in 7th grade or older in order to sign themselves out. A self-signout permission slip must be given to the front desk in order for your child to leave. Once a teen signs themself out, they cannot return later that day (e.g., no signing out for lunch and then coming back). Please make sure that your teen has snack and food to make it through the day.
When does my child have to be picked up?
The clubhouse closes at 6pm. A $10 late fee per child will be charged for the first 15 minutes past closing and then a $1 per minute per child after that. 
Are the teens and elementary kids separated?
Yes - the teen program is completely separate from the kids. They go on different field trips and do separate activities from the younger kids. Every member in 6th grade and older is considered a “teen” (even though they may technically be preteen), and must participate in teen camp. Joining the kids’ camp instead is not an option.  
Can my younger child and teen be bus buddies?
No. The kid and teen field trips are completely separate from each other.
Can the staff hold my child’s belongings during field trips?
No. Staff cannot hold belongings for a child. For example, money, backpacks, and lunches need to be your child’s responsibility.

Does my child need to bring money on the field trips?
No. Field trip activities are fully paid for and children do not need to bring money in order to participate. However, you are welcome to send them with money to purchase souvenirs, snack, lunch, etc. 
Does staff monitor how my child spends their money on trips?
No. It is up to your child to be responsible with their money and how/when they spend it. The staff cannot hold members’ money or restrict how they use it, though they do encourage their group members to make good decisions with their money.
When is the deadline to cancel a summer week?
We need two weeks’ notice for any cancellations.
If I cancel a week, will I get my deposit back?
The deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you cancel a week after you already paid for it in full (camps are charged the Monday prior to the camp’s start), you forfeit the entire payment. We have extensive waitlists for our summer camps and need two weeks’ notice in writing in order to cancel your upcoming charge and offer your space to the next child on the waitlist.
How can I purchase a camp T-shirt?
Summer Camp t-shirts must be worn on all field trips. (The only exception is the free pool trip on Thursdays). All camp shirts can be purchased at the front desk. Teens have green shirts and kids have orange shirts. No other color Boys and Girls club shirts may be worn on field trips.
Can my child bring electronics?
Members may bring electronics to use during open recreation, but should be prepared to put these items away when asked. Members need to keep track of their own electronics, and we encourage them to keep them safe. The clubhouse is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Is there a refrigerator/microwave for my child to use?
No. Staff will not refrigerate or heat up any food for members.
Can I choose to go on only 1 field trip per week?
If you’d like your child to stay back from a trip, please inform the front desk. Refunds will not be offered for a missed trip, and camp is not offered on a per diem basis.
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